Meet the Team

Imogen Profile Picture.jpg
            Imogen Debnam

Hello, I am Imogen Debnam (aka Immy), the founder and owner of Fort Fitness.

I have been a qualified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Exercise Instructor since 2007.

My Passion for fitness comes from loving exercise myself and 100% believing that nobody should have to miss out on the mental, physical and emotional benefits from a good old fashioned sweat session. 

From these core beliefs the idea of a gym that welcomes everyone and doesn't put the standard gym expectations / testing process on it's members was born.

At the Fort I get people moving safely in a friendly, welcoming and fun environment and from there the sky is the limit!


I am happily married to the Fort 2IC Aaron (who you'll see around a lot) and we have 3 gorgeous babes, Laine, Rhea and Nate.


I played senior state league netball for 10 years, captaining my team for many of them and representing Tasmania.


I was a Police Officer with Tasmania Police for over 17 years, only resigning in June 2018. A lot of the qualities that now form the backbone of the Fort stem from my time in policing, where I learned among so many other things, the value  and importance of loyalty, hard work, perseverance, trust and gratitude. 


I love our Fort , it's success stories, our timetable, our huge class variety and our members who make it what it is today.


I look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to our family.      

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             Sam Lawson


Sam has been with us since August 2018 and brings with her a wealth of teaching experience. Sam is a qualified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor and teaches Les Mills Grit, Les Mills Body Combat and Metafit. 

Sam is married with 3 children and is known at the Fort for her vivacious personality, her infectious energy and professionalism.


Sam reflects and upholds the Fort ethos to a tee and is a diamond in the Fort treasure chest.


            Stu Jefferies 


Stu joined us in April 2019 as our FFC (boxing) instructor. Stu has his certificates 3 and 4 in fitness and is an accredited coach with Boxing Australia.


Stu brings with him a high level of experience and a personality to match!!

            Angela Paine


I have worked in the fitness industry for 6 years and have my Cert lll in Fitness. I am a Gymnastics Australia accredited gymnastics coach, I hold Kettlebell 1 & 2 certificates and am a qualified Metafit and MetaPWR instructor. My  favourite training for myself and to instruct are weight training and HIIT workouts. I  have 2 kooky kids who have spent many hours over the years waiting for their mum in gyms while she “has a quick workout” And I fully believes that exercise makes everyday better.

Aaron New Profile Picture B&W.jpg
            Aaron Debnam


Aaron has a number of roles within Fort Fitness including, social event organizer, admin, accounts, black board artist, coat tail riding and being #1 support crew for his wife, The Boss!


Aaron comes from a Basketball coaching background and loves training at the Fort when he's not out playing or watching basketball himself.

Aaron has recently played senior state league and was also selected to represented Australia in his younger days so he knows what is required to get to the top level within elite sport.

You will see him in lots of classes as a participant and he is more than willing to answer questions, help you set up, introduce you to other members and most importantly have fun!